See… now this is hot enough to be wallpaper!

Bryci has some perfect tits – huge, just the right size… More than a mouthful might be a waste but Bryci here is the perfect mouthful!

bryci huge big boobs

And she loves showing off her huge boobies every chance she gets!

Bryci has been a little bit more hardcore the past few months… Nice to see her masturbating and doing all kinds of stuff!

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Super Sexy Tongue

Yeah, I know how you feel… I wish my girlfriend was more like Bryci too!

bryci playtime in tub

Just imagine what she can do with her tongue……

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Thong On Her Ass

I always get so caught up in the fact that Bryci has a huge rack… That I completely forget that Bryci has a beautiful tight little ass…

In this thong, her ass looks perfect. I know I would get down on my knees and worship Bryci if I could…

bryi huge titties great ass 3

Look at that coy little look Bryci has on her face too as she peels her panties off… She wants someone to tap that tight little ass!

bryi huge titties great ass 5

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Sexy Maid

Now this is what I’m talking about…. It’s bad enough I wish my girlfriend looked like Bryci and had boobs like Bryci, but now…. I wish my girlfriend would clean like Bryci???

Come on, cut me some slack now!

bryci short shorts washing floors1

It’s not that my girlfriend doesn’t clean – she does. She cleans up after me. All the time. Daily. She cooks too. But she doesn’t fucking do it while wearing short shorts, a little top where her huge boobies are pretty much on display for everyone’s entertainment and about to pop out, and my girlfriend surely doesn’t cook or clean while wearing high heels. In fact, I need to change a few things around here. Show my girlfriend how Bryci gets things done.

In the mean time, I’m just going to enjoy Bryci here…. Damn, what beautiful strong legs this smoking hottie has! I bet you she could sit on top of us and fuck our brains out!

bryci short shorts washing floors2 bryci short shorts washing floors3 bryci short shorts washing floors4 bryci short shorts washing floors5

Now imagine Bryci sitting on top of you and riding you like a bull at the rodeo, bouncing up and down with those big…. huge…. knockers!

bryci short shorts washing floors6

That would be a sight to see now wouldn’t it?

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Bryci is just so damn sexy… She’s only wearing a pair of her panties, has her huge titties out, and is covering her boobs with… Whipped cream! Looks like time for desert!

Who wouldn’t want to lick the whipped cream right off of her sexy nipples? And Bryci is licking her lips too… Yummy!

bryci whipped cream huge boobs

Now Bryci has made me horny and hungry too!

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I always knew it was only a matter of time before before Bryci got completely naked and started showing off her snatch. These chicks love this… They love the attention; They love the money it makes them.

And what a great looking snatch Bryci has too…

bryci pussy shot panties

I swear I would eat Bryci like I was eating a peach!

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Victorian Corset

As if Bryci needs a bustier to push up her huge massive boobies….. LOL, Bryci doesn’t need a push up bra?

bryci victorian corest huge boobies1

What do you think? I say Bryci and her huge boobies are fine without any support!

bryci victorian corest huge boobies2

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Licking Her Lips

As if the boobs wasn’t enough, sexy Bryci is licking her lips. She’s basically saying “If you don’t come over here right now and bang me I am going to rape you”. I am okay with that really. Bryci can rape me any time she wants. I’ll leave my little rape whistle at home.

Let’s not kid ourselves – we could never be able to say no to Bryci!

bryci huge boobs licking her lips

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I don’t think there is such a thing as just casually hanging around with Bryci….. She’s so cute; No matter what she was wearing I’d be all over her. Instantly.

bryci casual photos tight jeans2

Then again, Bryci loves to get naked…. All you have to do is give her that look and she’s quickly stripping off her clothes!

bryci casual photos tight jeans3

I’d hit it right on the couch!

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If I ever saw Bryci hitch hiking on the side of the road like this…. She wouldn’t need to show me her boobies to get a free ride!

sexy hitch hiker topless boobies

I’d let her ride me any time she wants!

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